Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis
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Ruth Wodak, Michael Meyer “Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis"
Sage Publications Ltd | 2002-03-29 | ISBN: 0761961542 | 200 pages | Djvu | 1,5 Mb

This book is designed as an introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and gives an overview of the various theories and methods associated with this sociolinguistic approach. It also introduces the reader to the leading figures in CDA and the methods to which they are most closely related. The text aims to provide a comprehensive description of the individual methods, an understanding of the theories to which methods refer and a comparative treatment of each of these methods so that students may be able to determine which is the most appropriate to select for their particular research question. Given the balance between theory and application, plus the intended audience – no previous knowledge of CDA is assumed – Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis should be useful reading for both students and researchers in the fields of linguistics, sociology, social psychology and the social sciences in general.

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